In the summer of 2012, my family decided it was time for our pre-schoolers to get started on a structured early learning program. We strongly believe laying a solid educational foundation for our kids better prepares them for a lifelong of learning. Essential to laying that solid foundation was finding a pre-school program that not only prepares them for school but also empowers them to be independent thinkers.

After spending what seemed like the whole summer visiting schools and comparing curriculums we realized what was needed to make a final decision was not yet another call to the pre-school administrator with a list of prepared questions. The missing ingredient was an authentic assessment from a past or current parent/guardian. In today's busy society where neighbours barely interact, it became clear as concerned parents that what we needed was a forum where local parents can share their child's pre-school/child care center experiences.

These honest reviews will go a long way in aiding parents with making important child care center choices for their little jewels. This is how began.